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May 31, 2012

4minute’s Heo Ga Yoon shows off her sexy emo style

4minute’s Heo Ga Yoon recently showed off her dark attraction while shooting a pictorial for stylish magazineFast.
In the pictorial, which was released on May 31, Heo is portraying a charismatic girl with a ‘black’ theme. Her figure, which is well known as the best figure among idols, put more sexy charms into her black charisma.
Heo also appeared on the magazine cover for its June edition. Since she is a talented singer and a wonderful fashionista, she arranged the concept and style herself, while shooting the pictorial.
The concept for the pictorial was the color ‘black’ because Heo looks chic on stage while performing as a singer and an actress.
Even though the shooting took place late at night, she did her best to make the pictorial perfect and received a standing ovation from the entire crew
Heo plays the role of a singer and style icon named Hyun Kyun in the 1980s in MBC’s series Light and Shadow. She pleases the audience by wearing retro style clothes.
Heo, however, showed off her chic and modern black charisma through the pictorial unlike her cute and innocent charms in the series.
The pictorial will be included in the June edition of the magazine.
Source: TV Report

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