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May 15, 2012

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung becomes a blonde for ‘High Cut’

Popular Girls’ Generation member Sooyoung surprised fans with a chic blonde look in a photoshoot for the fashion magazine, ‘High Cut‘.

Sooyoung will be featured in the celebrity style magazine on its May 17th edition. Her slim figure and model-like legs were featured on full display as she worked a blond wig to portray a fresh, spring atmosphere while wearing pieces from the 2012 S/S Tory Burch collection.

After the photoshoot, she sat down for an interview, through which she commented on things ranging from her fashion sense to the Girls’ Generation members. “It is very tough for me to play my role in my drama since I am lacking in aegyo. The other Girls’ Generation members don’t really have aegyo in front of guys, so I can’t even learn from them.”

In regards to her members, she spared no compliments by saying, “I succeeded in life because of the members. While others my age are working part-time jobs to pay for school, I feel like I am on a ‘dream car’ with 8 others. I definitely receive much more love than what my abilities deserve.”

As the interview carried over to a discussion regarding her status as a ‘fashionista’, Sooyoung replied, “I normally do have an interest in fashion so I am thankful for that acknowledgement. Actually, I had no idea that fellow member Jessica had that much interest in fashion. When she was younger, she used to wear a simple white top and jeans, but now that she found a style that really fits her, she has become a real fashionista!”

Unreleased cuts can be found on the magazine’s official homepage, while the rest of the cuts can be seen through the 77th edition of ‘High Cut’ magazine.

Source & Image: Naver

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