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May 15, 2012

Singer Lee Hyo Ri’s essay book is coming soon, titled ‘Closer’

Singer Lee Hyo Ri’s essay book is coming.
On May 24, Lee will release a book, titled Closer: The Story Starting with Hyo Ri and Soon Shim.
The book has Lee’s essays about Lee’s daily life with her companion dog Soon Shim and four companion dogs along with her histories to be actively involved in a campaign for animal rights up until now.
Lee tells her candid thoughts on companions she has met during her life from the past when she was the youngest daughter of a barber to her success as a super star. The K-pop diva also talks about the changes she went through—to become a leader for a campaign for animal rights and to become a vegetarian. The socialtainer gives a speech on a better life for everyone.
Lee also brings up issues, including factory farming of animals, ill conditions of houses for abandoned dogs, boycotts to animal fur coats and others and she gives the contemporaries the topics to think about. The book includes photos taken by Lee Hyo Ri herself and photographer Kim Tae Eun, known as an animal lover.
“I’m heading for a new path. Some say, ‘Life is harsh even for human beings. How come we’re supposed to take care of animals when there are people starving out there.’ However, I think animals are weaker than human beings. They can’t take care of themselves if we don’t take care of them. That’s why they need someone to represent them, and that’s what made me involved.”
The book will be out on May 24.
Source: TV Report

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