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May 15, 2012

Infinite’s Sunggyu says, “I like L’s voice the best”

Infinite’s Sunggyu said he liked L’s voice the best.
At a showcase to celebrate the release of Infinite’s third mini-album Infinitize, which was held under the title of The Mission at Olympic Hall at Olympic Park on May 15 at 8:00 p.m., Sunggyu was asked to choose his favorite voice except for his.
Sunggyu thought about it for a long time and got laughs saying, “My favorite voice? Just voice? To be honest, I like L’s voice the best if you ask me to choose just by voice. But Woohyun sings better than him.”
Infinite’s third mini-album contains total seven tracks, including the lead track “The Chaser,” “Infinitize,” “Feel So Bad,” “In The Summer,” “Only Tears,” “I Like You,” and “With…”
Composed by Sweetune, the lead track “The Chaser” is characterized by a modern, stylish beat and lyrics of Korean sentiments. As a different genre from “Be Mine,” which was released last year, it’s commented that the song goes well with the members’ voices.
Source: TV Report

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