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May 15, 2012

After School’s Lizzy, on her way to a school festival with her friend: “They both look pretty”

Recently, Lizzy of the nine-member group After School has revealed herself on the way to a school festival.
On May 15, the star tweeted a picture and commented, “On my way to the school festival with Chae Kyung.”
By looking at the picture, you can tell that she has raised her hands in the air in order to take a picture with her friend Chae Kyung on the bus. Her blue polka dot blouse and bright-colored hair are in retro style which could be difficult for ordinary people to manage; however, the celebrity succeeded in sporting a fashionable look.
Netizens who saw the posting commented: “Lizzy looks pretty.” “Her friend looks cute too. That’s when you say birds of a feather flock together.” “Looks cute.” “I’m envious of her having a school festival.” “Take me with you.”
Lizzy is currently enrolled to the Department of the Postmodern Music in Kyunghee University.
Source: TV Report

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