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May 15, 2012

T-ara’s Eunjung snaps a cute picture at Garosoo Street

T-ara’s Eunjung snapped a picture at Shinsadong Garosoo Street.
On the afternoon of May 15, Eunjung uploaded a picture and tweeted, “I am at the Garosoo Street now. lol”
Eunjung is wearing a comfortable hoody and has a headset on her neck. She crouched down beside the dog, and smiled brightly. She is petting the dog with one hand and making a V sign with the other hand.
Netizens commented: “What are you up to Garosoo Street? You’re so pretty.” “Eunjung’s smile always makes me happy.” “I want to go to Garosoo Street too! Will I be able to see you if I go now?”
Source: Starnews

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