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May 15, 2012

Sohee’s ideal body proportions missing in the absence of kill-heels

Rather unflattering pictures of Sohee, the Wonder Girls beauty, are drawing a lot of attention.
One of the posted photos titled, “What has happened to Sohee, the hottie?”
In the picture, Sohee dressed casually in black skinnies and hooded T shirt with red sneakers. Sohee and Yeeun, her fellow Wonder Girls member, looked super-casual with no makeup on.
Netizens who are new to her heel-less appearance seem to be disillusioned. Her heel-less photo has been dubbed, “Sad body proportions.”
But netizens who saw the picture are divided in opinion. One netizen, in defense mode, posted a comment, saying: “She pulled it off nicely without professional help.”
Wonder girls are set to release new track “Nobody for Everybody” in Japan on July 25.
Source: TV Report

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