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July 09, 2012

f(X)’s Vitoria recently talks about the embarrassing moment caused by her poor Korean

f(X)’s Vitoria recently talked about the embarrassing moment caused by the blunder she made relating to speaking Korean.
In the episode of MBC’s Come To Play that aired on July 9, the Chinese member of f(X) looked back, saying “It was really hard to learn Korean at first. I used to make loads of mistakes.”
When emcee Yoo aksed what kinds of mistake she had made, the f(X) leader hesitated for a while.
In a few seconds, the adorable singer fessed up, “I made a horrible mistake when I appeared in MBC’s We Got Married. I was putting a signature for a taxi driver, whose name is a Goo Ja In. But what I wrote down below my signature was Go Ja In.” (Go Ja means a guy with no sexual ability in Korean.) Her confession about the embarrassing moment made everyone laugh hard.
Most of the time, the adorable Chinese singer speaks good Korean though.
In the episode, leaders from various girl groups appear and provided some lively entertainment.
Source: Starnews

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