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July 09, 2012

Kim Hyung Joon holds surprise mini showcase

Last weekend, Kim Hyung Joon held a surprise mini showcase and brought every venue he went to, to a halt. He promoted his second solo album Escape on July 7 and 8 by holding a surprise showcase and drew a lot of attention.
Prior to his album release on July 10, Kim went all over Seoul, including, Hongdae, Sinchon, Daehangno, Insa-dong, and Myeondong by riding a huge stage bus.
The showcase began in Hongdae when Kim appeared with the stage bus, which was covered with posters of his new album. Many people who were having fun at night stopped in front of the bus and cheered for him.
Kim said, “I always wanted to hold this kind of surprise event. I’m so excited and happy that I’m really holding the event.” He also performed his title song “Sorry I’m Sorry” a little and showed that he has confidence in his new album.
Every place he appeared, there were many people gathered to see him and they even brought the place to a halt. The people also sang the title song along with Kim and enjoyed the surprise event.
Kim will release his new album Escape on July 10.
Source: Star Daily News

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