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August 27, 2012

SHINee’s Jonghyun appears to have his hands locked up for ‘Dazzling Girl’ teaser

Fans were most likely wondering when and who would appear on the next teaser for SHINee’s upcoming Japanese single, Dazzling Girl, and they have gotten their answers.
SHINee’s official Japanese website updated with Jonghyun’s teaser, leaving only Onew’s teaser to be released. Like his members before him, Jonghyun appears in a monochrome state, his arms showcased by a sleeveless shirt, though his muscles seem to have been edited out of the picture. While glancing to the side, he hold his arms up as if he were chained from the top as several chains can be seen wrapped around his hands and fingers. With a mysterious look on his face, it looks as if Jonghyun were dazzled by the ‘dazzling girl’.
SHINee’s 5th Japanese single will be released on October 10th.
Source: SHINee Japan


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