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August 27, 2012

ZE:A returns with “Phoenix” on August 27

ZE:A returned to performing their new song “Phoenix.”
On August 27, the group released four songs, including their new song and the R & B version of the song “Aftereffect,” on several online music sites.
The song “Phoenix” is a french pop, which includes vintage synth sounds with acoustic bass. Moon Jun Young, Kim Dong Jun, and Ha Min Woo helped write the lyrics for the song.
The song fiercely competed against “Aftereffect,” which is about ZE:A’s passionate desires to become the best, to be the title song for their second EP Spectacular.
The agency, Star Empire, says, “Main vocal Kelvin, rapper Jung Hee Chul and Kim Tae Hun will show off their talents through the song. The group will also show a different look as manly men through powerful performances and charismatic group dance.”
The group was selected as an honorary ambassador for the Korea National Tourism Organization and proved that they are blue chip K-pop artists. Their new song “Phoenix” was pre-released in Japan on August 24 and ranked second on the Oricon chart.
ZE:A will appear on Mnet’s M Countdown on August 30 to perform the new song for the first time.
Source: TV Report


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