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August 27, 2012

B1A4 hold a concert to donate their talent

B1A4 will hold a concert to donate their talent.
On September 1, B1A4 will hold a concert to donate their talent at the Central Market in Wonju. This concert, which will be held nearly four hours from 6:00 p.m., is part of Gangwondo’s celebrity marketing conducted in order to vitalize the province’s traditional markets. B1A4 members will meet people in Wonju, having an one-day sales experience and going shopping at the market with Governor Choi Moon Soon and Mayor of Wonju Won Chang Mook.
B1A4 members say, “This is our first time holding a concert to donate our talent. We’re not very much familiar with the concept of talent donation yet, but we’re happy and honored to be able to do something for our society and people. Because this event is part of a project to vitalize traditional markets around us, we wish we can do something to vitalize this market. We hope people of our age, who are more used to large grocery stores or convenience stores, pay more attention to traditional markets around us.”
Such celebrities as U-Kiss, Jang Yoon Jung, Song Dae Gwan, and Park Sang Cheol have participated in the celebrity marketing for Gangwondo’s traditional markets, and they helped vitalize the economy of the traditional markets. This project is to develop 53 traditional markets in Gangwondo as new centers of travelling and shopping trends in Korea.
Source: TV Report


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