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June 03, 2012

Big Bang’s special album titled Still Alive is to be out soon but no promotion plans

Big Bang’s special album titled Still Alive is to be out soon.
With a title song, “Monster”, Still Alive-Special Edition will contain 9 songs, 5 of which are the groups hit songs, including “Blue,” “Bad Boy,” “Fantastic Baby,” and, “Love dust.”
“Monster”, written and composed by G-Dragon is expected to be set apart from their previous tracks by being bolder and stronger.
Prior to the released of the audio of the track “Monster,” its teaser for the music video already built up great anticipation about the song with the members impressive looks, enchanting melodies, and powerhouse vocals. The music video is expected to be a megahit.
Big Bang has no plans to promote the upcoming album as it is released to be dedicated to their fans. One of the special features of the album is it includes as many as five new tracks while special albums normally include s only a few new tracks. What make the album more unique are the specialized design and the production process, which gives valuable meaning to the members and their dear fans.
The special album, sponsored by Hyundai Card, will be out on-and-offline shops on June 6.
Source: TV Report

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