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June 03, 2012

Cute character T-shirts of T-ara will go on sale

Cute T-shirts of T-ara members will be available soon.
The T-shirts printed each members’ faces as cute character images.
T-ara reveals, “We’re happy that T-shirts with our appearances will launch soon. I hope a lot of fans like them.”
After hearing the news, many fans are preordering their T-shirts through T-ara’s official fan club. Fans responded: “When will it go on sale?” “Where can I buy them?” “I’m going to buy Hyomin’s shirt.”
T-ara’s character T-shirt will only be available on Core Content Media’s online shopping mall C#, G Market, and T-ara Star Shop on June 4 starting from 10:00 a.m.
Currently, T-ara is busy preparing for the Thailand concert that will be held on June 3, and all the tickets are sold out. After that, they will go on a Japanese tour starting on June 19.
Source: TV Report

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