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June 03, 2012

Miss A cheering for JJ Project and Park Jin Young

Recently, Miss A’s Jia posted a picture with JYP Entertainment family.
On June 1, Jia tweeted the picture and commented, “Although it’s a bit late, we came here to see return performance of our producer and JJ Project’s debut stage~ Sorry for being late! Looking forward to great performances! ^^”
Miss A’s Suzy, Jia, and Fei are spotted at the center looking at the camera with bright smiles. JJ Project’s JB and Jr. are posing on the left with nervous smiles before their debut performance. Park Jin Young, the producer of both groups, is standing on the right to leave a photo with his singers before his comeback stage.
Netizens who saw the posting commented: “You look great~” “Suzy, Jia, and Fei all look pretty!” “Park Jin Young performs on the stage with his singers!”
JJ Project is currently busy performing “Bounce” while Park Jin Young returned to TV with the song “You’re The One” after taking two years off.
Source: Starnews

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