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June 03, 2012

The ‘trendy idol’ Infinite ranks first place on M Countdown

The ‘trendy idol’ Infinite ranked first place on M Countdown after their comeback stage three weeks ago.
Infinite’s new song “The Chaser” ranked first place on M Countdown on the last week of May.
This episode of M Countdown has been reorganized as a summer special. All the singers who ranked first place appeared and performed; Infinite revealed their thoughts about ranking first place through the video and received the fans’ congratulations.
Infinite who has been a strong candidate of M Countdown in just two weeks, finally ranked first place in three weeks.
Netizens commented: “Infinite sure is the trend.” “The song ‘Chaser’ is amazing. Congratulations on ranking first place.” “I’m proud to be a fan of Infinite.”
Infinite is establishing a strong foothold as the ‘trendy idol’ with the release of their new song “The Chaser” on various music websites.
Source: Xportsnews

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