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June 03, 2012

SNSD’s unit Taetiseo ranks first on May chart

SNSD’s unit group Taetiseo recently ranked 1st on the May chart with their song “Twinkle.”
On June 1, according to music site Melon, Taetiseo’s “Twinkle” ranked 1st on the May chart. The song is a title song from the mini album, which was released on April 30 by Taetiseo, composed of Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun.
Among girl groups, SISTAR’s “Alone” ranked 2nd, 4minute’s “Volume Up” ranked 7th, Girl’s Day’s “Oh! My God” ranked 31st, and A pink’s “Hush” ranked 33rd. Among boy groups, Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby” ranked 15th and Noel’s “Leaving” ranked 18th.
Busker Busker is also drawing a lot of attention by ranking 3rd on the chart with their song “Cherry Blossom Ending.” The song has ranked 1st on April chart and other songs from their album entered the Top 50 in May. “First Love” ranked 9th, “Yeosu Night Sea” ranked 13th, “The Flower” ranked 17th, “Loneliness Amplifier” ranked 25th, “Ideal Type” ranked 26th, and “Calling You” ranked 34th.
Ulala Session, who competed against Busker Busker on Mnet’s Super Star K 3, ranked 12th with their song “Beautiful Night.”
Solo singers are also making a good fight. Baek Ji Young’s “Voice” ranked 4th, Park Jin Young’s “You’re the One” ranked 5th, IU’s “Peach” and “Every End of the Day” ranked 6th and 8th, Heo Gak’s “The Person Who Once Loved Me” ranked 10th, Ivy’s “Torn Heart” ranked 16th, and Ailee’s “Heaven” ranked 28th.
Brave Guys, composed of Shin Bo Ra, Jung Tae Ho, Park Sung Kwang, who appear on Gag Concert, ranked 24th with their song “I Don’t Care.”
Source: Starnews

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