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September 16, 2012

Immortal Masterpiece 2: MBLAQ’s Gio is crowned champion

In the episode of Immortal Masterpiece 2 featuring legend Yoon Shi Nae, MBLAQ’s Gio was crowned with 392 votes.
The episode of KBS2’s Immortal Masterpiece 2 that aired on September 15 was themed “42nd legend Yoon Shi Nae.” MBLAQ’s Gio chose “Love Poem” to sing and showed the essence of K-pop Ballad.
Before going up to the stage, the MBLAQ member said, “I’m not really good at winning. When I became a final champion last time, I was crowned with winning only one round. Today, I’ll just do my best.”
With magnificent background music, the performance was started. Gio’s crooning, romantic voice and the powerful, sad sound by string instruments carried away the audience.
After the performance, emcee Moon Hee Joon said, “He’s not just an idol singer with a pretty face any more, He’s a real guy.” Emcee Jung Jae Hyung also praised the idol star for his beautiful, emotional voice.
Climbing down the stage, Gio revealed that he felt sorry: “I made a mistake at the beginning. I felt so nervous.”
Legend singer Yoon Shi Nae also complimented the singer. “I like the arrangement of the song. It was really dramatic and grand, and I loved the way you expressed the emotion. That was fantastic.”
At receiving the trophy for the final winner, Gio quipped, “Let me pretend that this is a shower tap. I want you to know I’m a sexy guy when I’m having a shower.” And the hot guy posed as if he had been having a shower, which made everyone laugh hard.
Source: Xportsnews

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