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September 16, 2012

Miss A’s Suzy meets Kim Jun Hyun again

Miss A’s Suzy recently met comedian Kim Jun Hyun again. In the episode of KBS 2TV’s Invincible Youth 2, which aired on September 15, Suzy, Lee Young Ja, Boom, SNSD’s Hyoyeon visited KBS with some students from Busan High School.
In the episode, Suzy met Kim again at a greenroom for comedians who run the segment of “Four Things” on Gag Concert.
Kim Dong Ryul, one of the students who is a big fan of Suzy, said, “You took my girl,” when he saw Kim in the greenroom.
At this, Kim got laughs by saying, “I’m sorry. You like Suzy because your name is Kim Dong Ryul.” 
Kim also created a friendly atmosphere by teaching his buzzword to the student.
Suzy and Kim received a lot of attention in the episode of KBS 2TV’s Gag Concert, which aired on August 26, by pretending to kiss each other.Source: Starnews

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