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September 13, 2012

U-KISS releases a new group picture for ‘STOP GIRL’

Boy group U-KISS has released a new group picture for their 7th mini-album STOP GIRL.
Earlier on September 13th at noon KST, the official MV teaser for their title track of the same name was released. There were two versions of the teaser: one in black & white, which was released through their official YouTube channel, and one in color, which was shown through music sites Bugs and MelOn. NH Media decided to give one more surprise to fans and released the above group picture.
The new group picture provides a contrast from the previous group teaser released. Whereas its predecessor featured the six members silhouetted against the white background, the light shines on the six members, who walk confidently in their sleek outfits against the dark background. Their new image has impressed fans, who are fighting hard to stay patient until the mini-album’s release.
STOP GIRL will be released on September 20th.
Source: @ukisskorea

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