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September 05, 2012

SNSD’s Yoona shows up at a student cafeteria of Dongguk University

SNSD’s Yoona was spotted at Dongguk University.
Recently, a posting titled “Yoona checked the attendance today at Dongguk University” was posted on an online community board. She has been enrolled to the school since the year of 2009.
She is having a meal at the student cafeteria just like any other students. She appears in a pink sleeveless floral dress and people start to gather around her. The celebrity replies to them with a charming smile. Although the pictures were directly shot without undergoing any photoshopping processes, she looks as charming and beautiful as she can be, showing off her “goddess image.”
Netizens who saw the posting commented: “I envy those students who got to see Yoona.” “She’s an absolute goddess.” “Her appearance stands out wherever she goes.” “She seems like an enthusiastic student at school.”
Source: TV Report

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