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September 05, 2012

Oppa Oppa Magazine , the Italian webzine

Recently we’ve said that also the Italian media have begun to talk about K-Pop. This is a little beginning but someone ,who writes only about it , in Italy already exists.
We are talking about : “Oppa Oppa Magazine”, an Italian web-magazine. It was created by Masayume Pachirisu some months ago because she would have liked to work on a magazine dedicated only to K-Pop,for the Italian fans. After having the support of her friend Rei (both are in charge of the creation of articles and of the graphics), also an other member has entered in the official staff, Keysama (she writes articles too). In the end there are also Lalychan89 (who takes care of the section about the Korean culture since she studies Korean and has already visited the beautiful Korea),Ome and Dave (who help the team writing articles for the other sections of the magazine). Moreover the magazine can count on the help of other contributors,who occasionally write some articles.
Oppa Oppa Magazine talks about everything : introduces the different groups writing always the most important infos , writes the comebacks of the month , talks about the rookie groups , reviews the albums , has a section for the dramas and many other topics!
Thanks also to the captivating graphics and the diligence of the team it has reached a good success,which is shown on the number of fans on its Facebook page.
The first meeting of “Oppa Oppa Magazine” is on the 9th of September in Milan (the meeting-place is the square in front of the Cathedral of Milan at 11 a.m.). There will be surprises, games with K-Pop prizes and many other things, of course everyone (K-Pop fans,no-fans, Italians and also foreign people) can take part in it! So if you are in Milan and you don’t know what to do you can partecipate!
If you want to download the magazine you just need to go to its blog,in the “Download Magazine” section,it’s completely free!

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