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September 12, 2012

Psy reveals the second version of the ‘horse dance’

Psy recently revealed the second version of his ‘horse dance.’
A video of Psy performing the ‘horse dance 2′ was uploaded on YouTube on September 10. It is a teaser video for a secret project between Psy and the social network site Cyworld.
The video ( was taken in New York, the United States. In the video, Psy is performing the upgraded ‘horse dance’ with a serious look on his face while shaking his cell phone. Psy made people laugh by saying, “I felt sad because whenever I searched my name, it only showed Cyworld.”
Psy is sweeping the whole world with his song “Gangnam Style.” A music video for the song received over 100 million hits on YouTube. He also attended the ’2012 MTV Video Music Awards’ on September 7 as the first Korean singer.
Source: TV Report

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