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September 12, 2012

Big Bang’s G-Dragon introduces his new song “Missing You”

Big Bang’s G-Dragon recently introduced his new song prior to his EP release.
On September 12, G-Dragon released a part of his new song “Missing You” through several music sites, including Naver, and the official blog YG Life from his agency, YG Entertainment.
In the video, which was released, G-Dragon says, “The song is about a man missing his girl after he broke up with her. I think the song will be a very familiar love song to the public. It includes easy melodies and sounds like an older pop song.”
He added, “I added various sounds, including whistles, to make the song sound warm.”
“I made the song while thinking about lonely feelings after breaking up with someone, who was always by my side. The song reminds me of Kim Yoon Ah singing at a jazz bar, so I asked her to be featured in the song.”
“When she asked me why I chose her, it was hard to explain, because I was so nervous. I think she inspired me in a short time.”
G-Dragon will hold the ‘GD Countdown Live’ event through Naver Music. He will release his song “One of a Kind” on September 15 at midnight and will have a great time with his fans through the live broadcast.
G-Dragon will appear on the September 16 episode of SBS’s Inkigayo to perform his new song.
Source: Starnews

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