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September 20, 2012

JYJ’s Kim Jun Su: “My house is just like a hotel for my friends”

JYJ’s Kim Jun Su recently said that his house is a favorite hang-out for his friends.
Kim, who is currently touring the world, shot a pictorial and gave an interview for the star life style magazine @star1and revealed his everyday life.
Kim showed off his honest, free and easy charms throughout the interview. When he was asked about his everyday life, he said, “I like hanging out with my friends.”
“My house is like a hotel. When I’m at home, my friends just come over to my house entering passwords for the door lock. I’m very close to B2ST’s Lee Gi Kwang and pro-gamers Yeom Bo Sung and Seo Kyung Jong. Whenever we have a rest day, we hang out at my house.
“I sometimes play soccer with B2ST’s Lee and Yoon Doo Jun and Seo Ji Seok near Han river after midnight.”
Kim, who is well known as a soccer maniac, talks about his passion for soccer, music, world tour, and his everyday life through the October issue of the magazine, which was published on September 20.
Source: Sports Korea

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