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September 20, 2012

JYJ vs. SM Entertainment: Fail to mediate once again

Group JYJ and SM Entertainment recently failed to come to a conclusion in mediation over their contract.
On September 18, a grievance mediation over JYJ’s exclusive contract with SM Entertainment was held at the Seoul Central District Court. The court summoned the opposing attorneys and Kim Young Min, the president of SM Entertainment. However, the two sides couldn’t iron out their differences.
The court advised them to hold a mediation once again and postponed delivering its final judgement without a time limit. The two sides previously failed to come to a conclusion in the final mediation last year.
In 2009, JYJ field for an injunction against SM Entertainment regarding invalidity of their exclusive contract and SM Entertainment asked the court to affirm validity of the exclusive contract and sued JYJ for damages in April, 2010.
Source: TV Report

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