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September 16, 2012

Japanese netizens arouses suspicion, “Gangnam Style is plagiarized?”

Japanese netizens are raising suspicion about “Gangnam Style” plagiarizing a choreography.
Previously on an online community site on September 14, one netizen wrote a post and uploaded a video of a car center advertisement.
The video shows people in yellow cowboy hats turning their hands while holding a rope.
The writer of the post is claiming that “Gangnam Style” copied off of this advertisement.
Netizens commented: “This is for sure. He did plagiarize.” “He copied way too much.”
However, Korean netizens are saying, “It’s nonsense.” “In this case, wearing cowboy hats would also be plagiarism.” “There must be thousands of horse dances in the world.”
Source: Starnews

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