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September 16, 2012

Psy says, “I hope those 15 lifeguards will get their job back”

Recently, singer Psy has politely asked a city-run swimming pool in Elmont to hire back the 15 lifeguards they have fired for parodying his song “Gangnam Style.”
At an interview with the American MTV on September 15, Psy said, “Unfortunately, I’m a rookie here. When I become a top star, I really want to help them out. I don’t think their parody video clip is wrong.”
When a reporter asked him whether he had watched the clip, he answered, “I did watch their parody. They’ve done a decent job making it, but I’m very sorry for such an incident.”
He added, “The lifeguards made the clip when they were off their work duties. If you know me, please hire your employees back.”
Previously on September 10, 15 lifeguards who worked in a city-run swimming pool in Elmont were fired for uploading a Gangnam Style parody, “Lifeguards Style.”
Source: TV Report

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