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September 09, 2012

2PM’s Jang Woo Young and G.NA look like a couple in Jeju Island

Singer G.NA recently took pictures with 2PM’s Jang Woo Young in Jeju Island.
On September 8, G.NA tweeted pictures with the comment, “The weather is so nice in Jeju Island. It’s hot. I took pictures with Woo Young after a long time. We are few solo singers among attendants today! Let’s cheer up. Please support us and send your love to us.”
The two are wearing big sunglasses, which are covering half of their faces, and smiling at the camera. They look like a couple and it captured the public’s attention.
2AM’s Jo Kwon also commented, “I arrived in Jeju Island too.” People responded: “They look good together.” “You guys look like a couple.” “G.NA has such a small face.” “I want to go to Jeju Island too.”
G.NA released the song “Tell Me Now” on August 30 for MBC’s series The Thousandth Man.
Source: TV Report

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