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September 20, 2012

2NE1 rank third on the Oricon Chart with “I Love You”

2NE1 recently ranked in the top five on the Oricon Chart with their new song.
According to the Oricon Chart issued on September 20, 2NE1 ranked third on the Single Chart with “I Love You.”
2NE1 could rank third on the Oricon Single Chart because they’re currently on a tour of Japan, receiving a lot of attention. “I Love You” is 2NE1′s hit song, released in Korea on July 15, and 2NE1 ranked in the Oricon Chart with the same song in two months.
2NE1 held a concert at the Yokohama Arena on September 12, attracting a total audience of 13,000. This concert was directed by Travis Payne, an American choreographer who has worked with Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga. After the tour of Japan, they will continue going on a tour of seven other countries, making stops in eleven cities.
Finishing their concert in Seoul in July, 2NE1 have been on a tour of Japan. They held concerts in Osaka (from August 31 to September 2), Nagoya (from September 7 to 8), and Yokohama (September 11 to 12), and will hold one in Saitama (from September 28 to 29).Source: Starnews


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