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August 16, 2012

Teen Top say, “We want to be together for a long time like Shinhwa”

A pictorial of Teen Top was recently published.
Currently promoting their new song, “Will You Go Out With Me?” Teen Top did a photo shoot and an interview for the September issue of the fashion magazine Elle Girl.
Releasing three singles and three EPs for two years, Teen Top is currently appealing to many girls with “Will You Go Out With Me?” Unlike their strong image, which is represented by the provocative lyrics and the perfect group dance of their songs, they were actually very nice and polite.

In the interview, Niel was asked, ”Do you usually ask a girl out with confidence like the name of your latest song?” and he said, “I’m not that confident unless I’m on the stage, so I don’t think I can.”
Changjo said, “I’m nowadays enjoying skateboarding with other members,” and L.Joe showed his passion for music and performance by saying writing his own songs as a goal for this year.
Teen Top also said, “We want to be together for a long time like Shinhwa, working individually and together.”
Source: TV Report

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