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August 26, 2012

SHINee releases Minho’s ‘Dazzling Girl’ teaser

SHINee’s Minho has just released his teaser image for his group’s upcoming Japanese single, Dazzling Girl.
Minho’s teaser is the third one to be released, coming after members Taemin and Key. Minho is seen wearing a black fedora on his head and wears a sleeveless black shirt, adorned with a necklace around his neck. Though he may be simplistic next to Taemin, who debuted a new and mature look, and Key, who had a fox wrapped around his neck, Minho still looks charismatic and alluring for the camera, proving that his good looks are enough to be at par with his group members.
SHINee will be releasing Dazzling Girl on October 10th.
Source: SHINee Japan


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