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August 26, 2012

Big Bang’s G-Dragon becomes a gangster, “This is the G-Dragon style”

Big Bang’s G-Dragon recently showed off his charismatic look.
On August 24, G-Dragon uploaded a picture on his Twitter account with the comment, “A music video of ‘One Of A Kind’ will soon come out. Y’all Ready For This? I’m nervous. Please look forward to this!”
In the picture, the way G-Dragon is dressed especially stands out. He’s showing off his manly look in a white T-shirt and a jacket decorated with silver studs.
His fancy accessories are also eye-catching. G-Dragon is showing off his distinctive taste in fashion by wearing multiple earrings, chain belts, and bold necklaces.
His hair and makeup are also very impressive. G-Dragon creates a neat hairstyle, tying his yellow reggae hair up. He looks rebellious with heavy smoky eye makeup and a slightly frowning face.
People responded: “The style looks very unique.” “He’s so charismatic.” “I think G-Dragon’s new album will become a big hit.” “He even looks good with reggae hair.”
G-Dragon will release a music video of “One Of A Kind” on August 25.
Source: TV Report

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