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August 26, 2012

Teen Top take pictures with an arrogant cat and a cute puppy

On August 23, Teen Top uploaded some pictures on their me2day and Twitter accounts.
Chunji uploaded a picture of himself in a friendly pose with a cat, which has an arrogant face, with the comment, “She was so cold-hearted and kept ignoring me, but she eventually allowed me to take a picture as I kept showing my affection for her. Meow~.”
Ricky also uploaded a picture of himself with a lovely poodle with the comment, “She was so cute and lovely that she immediately captivated my heart!!! I took this picture because I was sad to say good-bye to her. I’ll miss you.”

People responded: “The cat is so awesome that she can be arrogant to Chunji.” “I want to become the poodle that captivated Ricky’s heart.” “It’s ridiculous that I envy the dog and the cat that took pictures with Teen Top members. This can’t happen.”
Teen Top are currently promoting their new song, “Will You Go Out With Me?”
Source: Star Daily News


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