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August 21, 2012

Kara will be cooking for the fans?

Kara will be running one time restaurant for their fans.
Kara will be holding one time restaurant event on September 3 by inviting their fans and treating them the food they made themselves.
This event that has been hosted by Naver Music is meaningful in the way that Kara actually cooks for the fans, serves them the dish and spends quality time with them. As for the participants, a random lot will be drawn from those who download Kara’s new song “Pandora” from Naver Music.
The dish that Kara made will be served, and there will also be a talk show with the fans on site. This event will show off Kara’s mature charms rather than their usual cute and lively charms.
Kara will release their EP Pandora on August 22 and make a comeback in Korea after a year of hiatus.
Source: TV Report


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