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August 21, 2012

Sistar reveals their fashion in Russia

Sistar showed off their casual fashion.
On the afternoon of August 21, Hyo Lyn uploaded a picture on Sistar’s official Twitter with the caption, “Last meal in Russia at ‘Kitai Gorod Skayas Tena restaurant’ before leaving for Korea. Even the president of Russia comes here often. Wow!”
Their casual fashion stood out. So You revealed her womanly charms by wearing a navy-colored dress. Bora showed off her sexy curves by wearing a navy blouse and hot pants. Hyo Lyn caught the eye by wearing red skinny jeans and a woolen hat. Da Som displayed a chic style by wearing a casual T-shirt and jeans.
Their cute poses that reveal their unique characteristics attract attention. So You folded her arms, looking chic. Bora and Hyo Lyn put their arms around each other’s shoulders and made V signs, showing off their cute charms. Da Som emphasized on her slim figure by putting her hand on her waist.
Netizens commented: “So You looks sulky.” “Bora’s smile is beautiful.” “I want to have a woolen hat like Hyo Lyn’s.” “I love Da Som’s style of looking sharp.”
Currently, Sistar is busy with their activities of summer special EP Loving U.

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