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August 26, 2012

JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun brings China to a halt: “Prince is here”

Singer and actor Park Yoo Chun recently visited Shanghai, China.
Over 1,500 people gathered at Pudong International Airport to see Park, who came to China to hold his fan meetings. The giant crowds brought the Airport to a halt.
Fans held flash cards welcoming Park. Park had to leave the Airport using the VIP passage due to safety concerns. But the fans saw him leaving the Airport and tried to get close to him in groups.
Even after Park had left the Airport, lots of fans gave him hearty cheers saying, “I love you, Park Yoo Chun.” This occurence proved that Park is very popular in China.
Park says, “I’m very happy to meet fans in Shanghai. I want to make pleasant memories and have fun with the fans during the fan meetings.”
Park will start touring Asia and hold his fan meetings in China, Taiwan, and Thailand.
Source: Xportsnews


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