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August 26, 2012

Psy evokes unexpected controversy over racial discrimination

Psy recently caused an unexpected controversy over racial discrimination with his song “Champion.”
Psy has become very popular with the song “Gangnam Style” and his previous songs are also receiving a lot of attention. People from all over the world are appreciating his previous songs on YouTube and leaving lots of comments.
However, one of his songs “Champion,” which was released on 2002, caused controversy among foreign people. The lyrics for the song include the word ‘niga,’ which means ‘you’ in Korean, but people understood the word as ‘nigga’ or ‘nigger’ in English, which is a derogatory term for black people.
As a result, people from English speaking countries blamed Psy for discriminating against black people.
But Korean people explained the meaning of the word by leaving comments on YouTube. This merely happened because of pronunciation.
Thanks to the song “Gangnam Style,” Psy has earned over 10 billion won by selling his EP, concert tickets, and shooting several TV commercials.
Source: Xportsnews


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