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August 21, 2012

een Top show off their distinctive hairstyles

Teen Top recently released a few pictures of themselves.
On August 20, Teen Top uploaded a few pictures of themselves on their official me2day account.
Niel says, “We try to look cool. We’re Daechidong style. The angle of 45 degrees is Ricky’s style to make his chin look sharp. We had a lot of fun in this photo shoot because we could try many different styles.” In one of the pictures, Ricky and Niel are showing off their handsome faces with blue and green hair.
In another picture, L.Joe shows off his chic look behind a window. He says, “A nice snapshot of myself taken during the photo shoot! I’m releasing this for the angels who cannot go to bed on this rainy day. It’ll rain harder tomorrow. Take your umbrella and be careful not to catch a cold. Sleep tight.”
People responded: “Daechidong Style! It looks only good on Teen Top.” “The pictures look like part of their pictorial.” “It’s good to hear that they’re worried about their fans.” “Their hairstyles are so unique.”
Teen Top are currently promoting “Will You Go Out With Me?”
Source: TV Report


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