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May 02, 2012

Kim Hyun Joong goes on tour in Singapore

Kim Hyun Joong has begun his Singapore tour.
On May 3, Kim’s agency, Key East, said that Kim arrived in Singapore on May 2 to begin his ‘Fan Meeting Tour 2012.’
Singapore is the first destination of Kim’s fan meeting tour where he will meet fans from all over the world.
Even though Kim arrived in Singapore on a weekday during the day, hundreds of people gathered at the Airport to see Kim. They brought a halt to Airport traffic and the surrounding areas.
The fans brought various flash cards and presents and gave Kim hearty cheers. Kim smiled at the fans and thanked them.
Kim attended a press conference and said that he is very confidence in his tour and performances for the fan meetings. He also gave honest answers about his acting and singing career.
Local media outlets reported on Kim, saying he is modest, even though he is a hallyu star, and talked about the preparation for his tour and first concert.
Kim will hold his first concert on May 4 at an Indoor Stadium in Singapore and will announce the start of his fan meeting. He will give wonderful performances with his rearranged hit songs.
Source: Starnews

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