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May 23, 2012

Big Bang vs. Wonder Girls, “Albums release on June 3″

Top boy and girl idol groups in Korea will release their new albums on the same day, namely Big Bang and Wonder Girls.
Wonder Girls, an idol group composed of 5 girls, will release their new album in Korea on June 3. The album will also be released online on May 4.
A spokesperson for the group’s agency, JYP Entertainment, says, “The group members worked hard to make the album so please look forward to listening to the songs.” The group will hold their exclusive concert at Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul on July 7.
Big Bang, an idol group composed of 5 boys, will also release their new album on June 3. Then they will release all of their new songs offline on June 6.
According to the group’s agency, YG Entertainment, Big Bang’s new album includes 5 new songs, including the title song “Monster,” written by G-Dragon and Choi Pil Gang, “Still Alive,” “Feeling,” and “Round and Round.” The album also includes songs, “Blue,” “Fantastic Baby,” and “Bad Boy” from their 5th mini album, which was released in February.
It is very rare for top idol groups to release their new songs on the same day.
Since Big Bang and Wonder Girls have ranked first with their songs many times, lots of people are paying attention to their positive competition.
In addition, many people are curious about the result of the showdown between Yang Hyun Seok from YG and Park Jin Young from JYP.
Source: Starnews

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