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September 11, 2012

VIXX to attend special Japanese concert with Seo In Guk and Brian

Singers, including, Seo In Guk, Brian, and VIXX, from Jellyfish Entertainment will hold a concert at ZEPP Diver City in Tokyo, Japan on September 12.
The agency planned to hold the concert with only Seo and Brian but local officials asked them to cast VIXX, who has recently become popular abroad.
As a result, VIXX will attend the concert as a special guest with the veteran singers.
The group also attended the Otakon, which was held on July 26 through 30 at the Convention Center in Baltimore, the United States, as the only Korean representative.
Hallyu star Brian, the current trendy man Seo In Guk, and perfect visual performance group VIXX made many people eagerly anticipate the special concert.
Since the singers from the agency will hold the concert together for the first time, they prepared special performance for their fans.
The three singers will fly to Japan on September 11.
Source: TV Report

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