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September 11, 2012

After School’s Lizzy looks cute without her bangs

Recently, After School’s Lizzy has shown off her cute charm.
On September 11, the singer tweeted, “Your eyes may hurt looking at this, but try to get familiar with and love Lizzy without her bangs,” and attached some photos.
Her cute facial expression stands out. She blows her cheeks and looks into the camera in one picture and makes a pose full of charms in the other, pouting her lips.
New hair and makeup are some other attracting points. She tried to give some change by exposing her forehead with the new hair for her first official album Lipstick. In addition, her well-defined features are emphasized in her heavy smoky makeup and her brown eyebrows.
Netizens who saw the posting reacted: “Lizzy without the bangs looks pretty, too.” “She is full of charms, indeed.” “She’s got a very cute face.” “It doesn’t look awkward at all without her bangs.”
The Orange Caramel will have its first return performance on’s M Countdown on September 13.
Source: TV Report

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