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September 20, 2012

TVXQ show off a refined manly look

TVXQ recently did a photo shoot for the fashion magazine Vogue Korea before releasing a new album at the end of September.
In the pictorial, TVXQ are showing off a manly look like movie stars. The photo shoot was conducted in Nodul Island in Han River. Because it was a public area, the magazine had to get permission for the photo shoot from a government office.
In an interview, which was held during the photo shoot, Yunho talked about TVXQ’s new album. He said, “I thought about many things while I was making this new album. I wish you can feel the vitality that I put while I was thinking about many things.”
Changmin also said, “Our concern is to communicate with more people through our music while we’re not losing our style.”

The interview and pictorial of TVXQ can be seen in the October issue of Vogue Korea and the tablet PC version of the magazine. The behind-the-scenes video of the pictorial will be uploaded on the official website of Vogue Korea (
Source: Star Daily News

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