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September 17, 2012

The father of 2NE1’s CL publishes a book about his trip to Paris with his daughter

The father of CL (the leader of 2NE1 which is composed of Park Bom, Sandara Park, Gong Min Ji, and CL) showed off his artist talent just like his daughter.
Recently, professor Lee Ki Jin of Department of Physics in Sogang University who is also the father of CL has published a book titled Collage Paris in which he talks about his trip to Paris with his daughter in July.
In the book, professor Lee introduces himself as the father of 2NE1’s CL, a professor of Department of Physics, an author of children’s book, and a collector of many different things. Putting aside his title as a physicist, he revealed some attributes of an artist through his distinctive language and pictures and the way he reinterpret things from a new perspective.
He is also called an “author of magic” and held his own exhibition with his writings and pictures. When CL was little, he wrote a story for children titled Head-butter, Kkak-ka, which later developed into a series of Kkak-ka.
Professor Lee basically gives you hint of where CL got her artist talent from. Her innate artistic talent is apparent in many different fields of art and she tries to combine various genres of art with music.
The father and daughter are enthusiastic in their work, but at times they gather together for some fun activities. In the music video of “Can’t Nobody,” the title track of 2NE1’s official album, CL appears with some robots in the middle of the clip that were made by her father.
The singer has often revealed her affection and respect for her father saying that his unlimited creative activity and passion continuously affect her in many ways.
Professor Lee Ki Jin is broadening his activity range with his talent adding more titles to himself besides a physicist. Now people are becoming curious of his book Collage Paris wondering how he would surprise the world this time.
Source: Starnews

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