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September 11, 2012

Psy dances with Britney Spears on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Singer Psy, currently popular all over the world, recently danced with Britney Spears.
A picture of Psy shooting the popular American TV talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show was recently uploaded on an online community board. Psy appeared on the show as a guest because of his popularity in America for “Gangnam Style,” the lead track of his sixth album.
Appearing on the show with Britney Spears and Simon Cowell, he taught them part of the choreography of “Gangnam Style,” getting an enthusiastic response from the audience.
Spears once tweeted that she wants to learn part of the choreography of “Gangnam Style,” showing her interest in the music video of the song.
Psy also received an enthusiastic response at the 2012 MTV VMA, which was held at Staples Center in LA on September 7.
Source: TV Report

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