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September 12, 2012

PSY and His Continuing ‘Gangnam Style’ Legacy on Ellen

He is literally not stopping as if dancing on top of hot charcoal – it’s YG Entertainment‘s unpredictable singer, Psy,that has landed more media coverage than he ever expected for his sixth-half album release. Venturing to the States for a Korean star has been a rocky road with mixed reviews, but he has charted a different route – a route that he, doesn’t even tread on his own.
By the help of internet virality, his title track Gangnam Style has won millions of views and landed a proper contract deal in USA with Justin Bieber’s manager – something Drunken Tiger JK, who told us in May for a duet with the teen bopper star, didn’t get offered.
A few weeks back, singer Nelly Furtado has had a small rendition of the invisible horse-riding dance popularized by the song in her Manila concert. Ryan Seacreast gets a one one lesson. That is not, ultimately, an exclusive. Teaching outside of Katsuya in Hollywood and now presenting himself – politely – on Ellen DeGeneres’ show, Ellen, he teaches the mega pop star Britney Spears and the host Ellen herself on the dance move. Even Britney has Tweeted and popularize her own hashtag ‘#BritneyDoingGangnam‘. We will leave your ideas up for that but with this appearance, we should still be proud of his giddy face and giddy success for his giddy-up! dance. Keep on rocking your moves, Psy! Check out the video below of his appearance on Ellen:

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