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September 20, 2012

IU talks about a blunder she made during live air

IU talked about a blunder she made during live air.
The episode of KBS2’s Happy Together 3 that aired on September 20 was titled “Undiscovered Best Friends.”
IU opened up, “Music programs don’t reveal no. 1 of the week in advance even to the emcees. Therefore, the emcees learn the result from the screen and then announce who wins no.1.
At that time, Se7en and FT Island were the nominees of the no. 1 of the week, and FT Island’s Lee Hong Gi had a similar hairdo to Se7en. What’s more, Se7en was the winner of the previous week, so IU cried out that the winner is Se7en when the camera closed up Hong Gi, she explained.
The songbird admitted, “That was all my fault. I felt really sorry to both Se7en and FT Island. When I realized that I made a mistake, I just lost myself and couldn’t do anything during the rest of the show.”
Source: Xportsnews

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