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September 17, 2012

G-Dragon Releases ‘Crayon’ MV

With the release of his comeback mini-album ‘One of a Kind’ and dominating music charts with an all-kill, Big Bang leader G-Dragon is back to to top search engines. WIth the excitement still high from his comeback stage on Inkigayo, G-Dragon has released yet another music video, this time for ‘Crayon’.
‘Crayon’ has a fast upbeat tune, with the catchphrase ‘Catch your crayon, crayon’.Just like its name, the video is full of colour as G-Dragon sports a duo-toned pastel hair color. The video starts off with G-Dragon on the bed donning on a Wonder Woman robe, thereafter the television is switched on revealing different personas of him. He behaves to be obssessed and crazed on something.

Proving his eccentric one-of-a-kind concept, G-Dragon even dressed up as a female in a tight mini-dress.
YG Entertainment explained that ‘Crayon’ is short for ‘Crazy On’ which is a phrase derived from the combination of‘Crazy’ + ‘G-Dragon’. Thus far, he has released music videos for ‘One of a Kind’ and ‘That XX’ off his latest mini-album.


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