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September 17, 2012

A number of celebrities throw a special event for Heo Gak’s first anniversary

Singer Heo Gak who recently celebrated his first anniversary showed off his “crazy” personal connections.
After releasing his first EP, First Story, in September last year, Heo Gak recently celebrated his first anniversary and the “idol” groups 4Minute, Super Junior, Davichi, and baseball player Kang Min Ho of the Lotte Giant posted congratulatory messages.
It began with Davichi’s Lee Hae Ri on September 8 when she tweeted a picture of her holding the number “two.” On the next day, 4Minute’s Kwon So Hyun and Nam Ji Hyun tweeted, “It looks a bit crooked, but it’s a zero,” and attached a picture.
Super Junior’s Kyuhyun tweeted the number “one” on the 10th, while Lyn and singer Kim So Jung each tweeted the number “two” and “September” on the 12th. From the 13th through 15th, 4 Men’s Shin Yong Jae, comedian Jo Se Ho, and baseball player Kang Min Ho posted, “Sick,” “The person who talks through his song,” and “Hey my friend, hope you hit a jackpot,” respectively, all forming one big surprise gift for Heo Gak.
Although Kang Min Ho was in the middle of a competitive period of his baseball pennant race, he made sure to leave a comment for Heo Gak, proving their strong friendship.
Netizens who saw the posting commented: “Heo Gak is a friend of Davichi, 4Minute, Super Junior, and Kang Min Ho? He has some crazy personal connections.” “It’s good to see his celebrity friends congratulating him on his first anniversary.” “I hope Heo Gak’s new song ‘Sick’ will make a bit hit just like his friends are wishing.”
Source: TV Report

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